NanoES builds on UW's unique strengths and expertise in nanoscale materials, sensors, bringing together people, tools, and opportunities to advance the development of nanoscale devices and systems in a collaborative research environment.

NanoES research is broadly classified into the following three areas:

Photonic & Quantum Devices

NanoES research in this area is geared towards large-scale integrated networks of photonic devices for cutting edge optical communication and quantum computing as well as single photonic devices for biosensing in health-related diagnostics.

Augmented Humanity

Portable, wearable, implantable and networked technology for personalized medical care or a more efficient interconnected life.

Scalable Nanomanufacturing

Emphasizes large-scale nanosystems for developing low-cost, high-volume nanomanufacturing solutions and bio-3D-printing for cell, tissue, and scaffold printing.