NanoES Institute


Sharon Li
Operations Manager | Fluke Hall | | 206-685-1701

Sharon is responsible for fiscal operations of the NanoES Institute.  She also handles billing and manages for the Washington Nanofabrication Facility cost center.

Jessica Manfredi
Administrative Coordinator | Fluke Hall | | 206-685-2753 | LinkedIn

Jessica serves as office manager for the Washington Nanofabrication Facility. She also manages NanoES events, meetings, and calendaring for Karl Bohringer and Jevne Micheau-Cunningham. Jessica received her B.A. in Global Studies and Law, Economics, and Public Policy from the UW.

Jevne Micheau-Cunningham
Deputy Director | NanoES Building | | 206-685-3015

Jevne leads the Institute’s research program, managing of external partnerships, funding strategies, and new opportunities. He is responsible for the NanoES’ research portfolio, facilitating new collaborations, leading projects, and contributing to research proposals in the Institute’s focus areas. Jevne holds both a M.Eng. in Engineering Mechanics and Graduate Dean’s Certification in Engineering Management from Cornell University as well as a Ph.D. in Applied Physics from the University of Michigan. He brings many years of corporate design and management experience from medical device, automotive and other manufacturing industries to the institute along with several years of hands-on device level nanofabrication and design.

Jill Aronson Pfaendtner
Administrator | MolES Building | | 206-543-5964 | LinkedIn

Jill directs the Collaboration Core, the collaborative staff pool and administrative structure that supports the NanoES Institute as well as the Molecular Engineering & Sciences Institute, Clean Institute, and their associated facilities. She leads the administration, finance, and planning of Institute programs. Jill holds a M.Ed. from the UW in educational leadership and policy studies