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UW Electrical & Computer Engineering department hiring tenure-track faculty

The Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE) at the University of Washington, Seattle invites applications for multiple full-time tenure-track positions with a nine-month service period annually, from exceptional candidates with strong record of collaboration and creativity. Hiring will be made primarily at the tenure-track assistant professor level with an anticipated start date of September 16, 2019. More information about the department, including background on our recent name change to ECE can be found at

ECE is seeking outstanding candidates committed to developing scalable, integrated electronics and networked computing systems. Competitive candidates will have demonstrated strengths in the underlying fundamental science and technology and preferably a record of test-bed oriented experimental research (as demonstrated by any mix of system/sub-system level prototyping, emulation and software integration). Successful applicants will be able to articulate a next-generation application-oriented research agenda, with an emphasis on system design, driven by key performance indicators such as efficiency, robustness, and security. New hires will be expected to lead curricular innovation, mentor cutting-edge student projects, and interact with local research-intensive industries in a vibrant technology-driven entrepreneurial community. Areas of interest include but are not limited to: quantum computing, multi-agent (semi) autonomous systems, 5G-oriented wireless and photonics networks, cloud and data-center networking & computing, computational hardware systems for data-intensive applications, mmWave and THz imaging.

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