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UW ECE Assistant Professor Sara Mouradian receives AFOSR YIP award for quantum computing research

UW ECE Assistant Professor Sara Mouradian has been awarded a three-year grant from the Air Force Office of Scientific Research, or AFOSR, through its Young Investigator Program, or YIP. The grant will support work in Mouradian’s Scalable Quantum Research Lab, which aims to build, understand and control trapped ion quantum systems in order to develop useful and practical quantum technologies. Mouradian joins an elite group of investigators as one of only 48 scientists and engineers from across the nation that have been awarded a 2024 AFOSR YIP grant. These individuals have each demonstrated exceptional ability and promise for conducting basic research relevant to the U.S. Air Force and national defense.

NanoES welcomes new member faculty

The Institute for Nano-engineered Systems (NanoES) is thrilled to welcome seven new faculty members for the 2021-22 academic year. With research ranging from the development of bio-inspired, lightweight sensors to engineering infrastructure for quantum systems, these faculty members are poised to help develop solutions to grand challenges in information processing, energy, health, and interconnected life.