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Prof. Edo Waks from the University of Maryland to give EE colloquium on 2/13/18

Interactions between light and matter lie at the heart of optical communication and information processing. Nanophotonic devices enhance light-matter interactions by confining photons to small mode volumes, enabling devices to operate at significantly lower energies.  In the strong coupling regime these interactions are sufficiently large to generate a nonlinear response with a single photon, an essential component for quantum information processing applications.  In this talk I will describe our effort to couple spin to light using nanophotonics. I will discuss an experimental demonstration of a quantum transistor, a fundamental building block for quantum computers and quantum networks, using a single electron spin that strongly interact with light through a nanophotonic cavity.  This device enables the spin to switch a single photon, and a single photon to flip the spin. I will discuss how the nanophotonic transistor can realize high fidelity all-optical spin readout, as well as a single photon transistor where one control photon can switch many signal photons. Finally, I will describe our recent effort to extend our results into the telecommunication wavelengths, and to integrate multiple devices on a chip to assemble integrated quantum photonic circuits.


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