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Webinar from NCI-Southwest on integrated nanophotonics

NCI-Southwest is co-hosting a webinar entitled Integrated Nanophotonics: The Transition to High-Volume Manufacturing and Implications for Workforce Education. The webinar will be held on October 17 at 1 PM ET.

Integrated Nanophotonics refers to the integration of photonic systems (e.g. optical devices, laser sources, and optical detectors) on a silicon or silicon compatible chip that can be interfaced with conventional integrated circuit technology. By leveraging recent advances in Si chip technology integrated nanophotonics is currently transitioning to high-volume manufacturing. This presentation provides an overview of integrated nanophotonics technology and several key aspects of manufacturing and quality control (testing). The implications of this technology regarding relevant skill standards for technicians is described as well as core elements of potential technician education modules required to support this exciting new field.